A Hot Tub Can Help You Rest More to Increase Creativity and Success

Monday, May 8th, 2017

It used to be that sayings like “The early bird gets the worm” and “Snooze, you lose” kept us motivated and convinced that the more work hours we logged, the better off we would be. As it turns out, all work and no play really does make Johnny a dull boy – and overtired, overwhelmed and stressed out. The key to increased creativity and success is not more work but more rest. And for relaxing those mental muscles, soothing the physical ones and jumpstarting personal success, there’s nothing more effective than a soak in the hot tub.

Create Space in an Overstuffed Mind – Why do we continue to think that the mind has no space limitations? The truth is, when you stop and give your brain a chance to collect and compartmentalize all that you feed into it every day, it does a better job. In essence, a well rested mind is more creative, with the endurance you need to create solutions and make better decisions. When you relax in the warm, massaging water of a hot tub, you have no choice but to clear your mind. The sound of the water as it bubbles and laps your skin is instantly soothing, calming the mind and helping you slow down.

Banish Back Pain for Good – How many times throughout the day has back pain stopped you from doing something you wanted to do? If your answer is anything but zero, you need to find a remedy fast. Chronic pain, whether it’s a stiff neck, sore back or arthritis in the hip, can zap creative energy in an instant, forcing you to focus on finding relief. Luckily, the intense heat of a hot tub can banish pain instantly, giving you the freedom to think about something else for a change. A few minutes with personalized massage and targeted jets penetrating deep beneath muscle and pain is a distant memory.

Get Your Zzz’s For Real – You’re not alone if you toss and turn at night, replaying the events of the day over and over as if you were editing a screenplay. The truth is, most of us have sleep-related issues at least a few times a month, making it difficult to get the rest we need. Soaking in a hot tub in the evening, after dinner, is the perfect way to transition from awake to sleep. It has to do with the temperature of the water and how getting out of the tub causes internal temperature to decrease. This process informs the brain that it’s time to sleep, bringing that ultra groggy, ready for bed feeling that lets you drift off comfortably. More work and longer hours do not drive creativity and success. As professionals, when we rest more and work less, true potential shows through. Use a hot tub to clear your mind, ease pain and help you get the sleep you deserve for a more focused, efficient and successful you.

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Hot Tubs For Fitness and Improved Health?

Monday, May 8th, 2017

Forget about the 1980’s stereotype of the hot tub, which was often pictured with young adults looking to get silly with friends. Today’s hot tub is more refined, offering so much more. With fitness and improved health, folks of all ages are taking advantage of in-home hot tubs for enhancing quality of life. In fact, the number one reason for investing is relaxation and stress relief. Here’s what you can expect to gain from using a hot tub on a regular basis.

More Effective Stress Management, Lower Blood Pressure – Whether its work, family or something else entirely, stress and anxiety drag us down physically and can even lead to more damaging health conditions. Effective stress management is the key to feeling and looking great, yet it’s often a challenge to find activities we enjoy. Soaking in a hot tub is certainly relaxing, but now there is evidence to support the idea that it is also a great way to lower blood pressure. With massaging jets targeting tension in and around the neck, lower back and shoulders, fifteen minutes can revitalize anyone. But heat from the tub dilates the capillaries, which lowers blood pressure.

Easier Weight Maintenance – As we age, most of us find it increasingly more difficult to maintain a healthy body weight. Sure, we diet and maybe even exercise regularly, but the pounds still seem to creep on. There is some good news, because sitting in a hot tub causes the body to respond in much the same way as if you were participating in light cardiovascular exercise. Heart rate increases, blood vessels dilate and the body burns calories trying to cool off. The result? A great heart workout, renewed energy and maybe even a little weight loss.

More Vitality, Fewer Aches and Pains – The number one way to relieve aches and pains is heat. Now add to that the targeted massage of high-powered jets in the hot tub and you have instant relief and relaxed muscles. Whether it’s discomfort from sore muscles or joints, an old sports injury or chronic back pain, using a hot tub for only twenty minutes, three times a week can significantly reduce discomfort, leaving you refreshed and pain-free. The convenience of having access to your very own hot tub means you can enjoy the hydrotherapeutic benefits any time, day or night, from the comforts of home. And you never have to make an appointment or travel for on-demand pain relief. The modern hot tub is a healthy lifestyle choice and an ideal way to see improved health for enhanced quality of life. With warm water, massaging jets and the convenience of home, reducing stress, maintaining weight and finding relief from aches and pains has never been easier.

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3 Ways a Hot Tub Can Boost Your Mood, Energy and Spirits

Monday, May 8th, 2017

It’s hard to believe the holidays are behind us, and with spring on our heels, there really hasn’t been much of a break. But that’s a good thing, because with the warmer weather comes more outdoor activities, more day light, and more fun. However, for some folks, making the transition from winter to spring can be challenging and it helps to take a little break to ease the shift. If you’re contemplating a pre-spring getaway to boost your mood, why not consider an in-home hot tub? Here are three ways using a hot tub can improve your mood, your energy, and your spirits going in to spring.

Get The Kinks Out – Sure, the holidays have been over for some time now, but that doesn’t mean the stress has gone back to pre- holiday levels. Sometimes, pressure from entertaining relatives from out of town takes months to relieve, making it more difficult than ever to slip into a healthy lifestyle as spring weather starts to bring warmer temperatures. A hot tub is an easy and effective way to ease that stress, whether it’s lower back pains, stiff neck and shoulders, and over anxiety. With powerful jets and targeted massage, not much beats twenty minutes of soothing comfort for all day relief.

Reconnect With Yourself and Your Loved Ones – The past few months have been jam-packed to say the least and now that spring is drawing near, it’s the perfect time to take a step back to reconnect with loved ones. Busy schedules and hectic lifestyles often make it difficult to have meaningful conversations or even share a laugh. A soak in the hot tub is the perfect solution for making sure those important connections stay strong. Even just a few minutes of uninterrupted conversation – no cell phone, no computer, and no video games – does wonders for a family and is critical for staying close with a spouse.

Personal Time – Chances are, if you’re like most of us, you’ve been focusing pretty hard on everyone but you for the past several months. Isn’t it time you invested just a little into yourself for some healthy R&R? A soak in a hot tub is all over relief, from your head to your toes. But more importantly, it’s total rejuvenation for mind and spirit. Water, massage, and buoyancy combine to create the ideal environment for relaxation, revitalizing a tired spirit, and re-energizing the mind. Personal time is important, and an in-home hot tub is like having your very own private retreat in the backyard. Winter is almost behind us – or at least on the way out the door soon, ushering in gorgeous flowers and warm spring sunshine. Now is the perfect time to consider using a hot tub to relieve residual stress from the holidays, stay connected with a busy family and give yourself the well-deserved break you need to feel and look your best.

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Using a Hot Tub For Managing Chronic Illness

Monday, May 8th, 2017

You’re probably familiar with the pain relieving benefits of using a hot tub. The warm, massaging water penetrates deep into achy muscles and joints, providing relief on contact. A long soak is also a highly effective way to reduce stress, relax, and calm an overactive mind in preparation for a deep, peaceful sleep. But did you know that using a hot tub on a regular basis can also provide significant benefits for people suffering from a variety of chronic illnesses? Here are a few ways soaking in the warm water of a hot tub can provide relief from Type 2 Diabetes and a variety of Movement and Neuromuscular Disorders.

Type 2 Diabetes – Diabetes affects an estimated 8 million people in the United States alone, making it a relatively common disease. With controlling blood sugar and maintaining weight two of the primary strategies for keeping the disease under control, a hot tub is a natural solution, offering an easy and highly effective way to lead a healthy lifestyle. The New England Journal of Medicine was the first to recognize the positive effects of lounging in the hot tub for Type 2 Diabetes patients, confirming that even a few nights a week, a soak can improve blood flow which improves insulin use, decreasing blood sugar levels, improving sleep and making it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

Parkinson’s and Other Movement Disorders – Within the first five minutes of soaking in a hot tub, blood pressure decreases significantly. A few minutes later, circulation improves which delivers more blood and oxygen to the extremities. Lactic acid is released and muscles begin to relax. Over time, soaking in a hot tub on a regular basis increases range of motion, making it easier to move without pain. For relief from Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease, even Multiple Sclerosis, massaging water can reduce stiffness, relax muscles, and increase mobility and function.

Muscular Disorders – Commonly faced by an aging population, muscular disorders make it increasingly difficult to live life without pain. Whether it’s lower back pain, joint pain, or weak muscles, when muscles don’t work as they should, movement is painful and difficult. Soaking in a hot tub set at mild temperatures stimulates muscles and joints, relieving pain on contact and reducing stiffness. Weak shoulders and hips respond well to the buoyancy created by water, providing comfort, relief, and increased mobility. A hot tub is an ideal environment for helping to manage the side effects of Type 2 Diabetes as well as a variety of muscular diseases where movement is difficult or painful. For maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle, both physically and emotionally, using a hot tub can promote longevity.

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How to Buy a Hot Tub – The Savvy Way

Monday, May 8th, 2017

Investing in a hot tub is an opportunity to invest in yourself. With improved health and well-being, entertainment and pure relaxation, there’s nothing better than having your own dream retreat right outside the backdoor. But with an industry full of different makes and models, all with varying features and price points, how do you choose? And more importantly, what can you do to ensure you get the most value for your purchasing dollar? Here are a few tips for first time buyers that are sure to get you on the right road to buying a hot tub you – and your wallet – will enjoy.

Think About What You Want Before Shopping – These days, consumers are smart. That means they use all the available resources to make informed decisions before they lay out the cash. And that’s a good thing. Particularly with a large investment like a hot tub, taking a few minutes to think about what you are looking for and why can save you time, energy, and money. Sure, it’s tempting to walk into a showroom and buy the shiny model with all the bells and whistles. But chances are, if you haven’t narrowed your choices to those models that will suit your needs best, you’re sure to be disappointed. Think about who will use the tub and how. Is it for you and your spouse, or a large extended family? Do you want to entertain or are you more interested in the hydrotherapeutic benefits? Answers to these types of questions will help you choose the right seating arrangements, jet positioning and more.

Research Dealers in Your Area – Quality dealers with business longevity sell quality products and provide quality service. It’s as simple as that. Researching dealers in your area ensures you make the right choice the first time. Ask local businesses for references or go online and read customer reviews. It’s helpful to choose a dealer with an in-house service department and trained staff on site, to assist with service and maintenance. Finally, never consider purchasing online. When something needs attention, or if you have questions, it’s always better to have a knowledgeable expert to turn to.

Look for Energy Efficient Models – In today’s economy, it’s never a bad thing to save money. And with hot tubs, there are a wide selection of quality brands and models that offer reduced savings through energy efficient features. LED lighting, cost efficient heaters and pumps, even the right cover can save you hundreds of dollars. Look into models where these types of features are standard, not optional. Ask your dealer to recommend a brand that has earned a reputation for delivering a quality, money-saving product. Buying a hot tub is an exciting opportunity to enjoy family friendly entertainment, significantly improve your health and just have fun. Make it as successful as possible by taking time to plan ahead, researching a few quality dealerships in your area and looking for those models where energy efficiency is priority one.

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